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Foundations For Lifelong, Pain Free Living

Whether your pain is chronic or intermittent, mild or severe, this program will provide the building blocks for understanding and managing pain. By integrating techniques that attend to body, mind, and spirit, our program is based on a philosophy of wellness:

Incorporating the work of: Taming the Tiger by Peter Levine, PhD

Innate Wellness Program: Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well by James L Chestnut, BEd, MSc, DC, CCWP

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, Md

Managing Pain Before it Manages You: By Margaret A Caudill, Md
Chiropractic Education, Wellness Nutrition, Therapeutic-Massage, Modified Yoga, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, Hypnosis, Relaxation/Breathing Training, and Art/Expressive Therapy.

Format: Philosophy of Wellness. Setting personal Goals: How will you know you are living a pain-free, positive lifestyle?

Hypnosis for pain tolerance and positive wellness

Cognition: How your thoughts influence the way you feel, and how to positively control these thoughts.

Expressive therapy for taming the tiger of pain.

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“Pain may be inevitable, though suffering is optional.” – Anonymous

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